lun is actually for indians mean early stages of penis means very small penis for pakistanis its called LORA matureed and big penis
woh dekho us ka kitna chota lun hai
by Gen. Perveiz Musharraf July 19, 2005
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Urdu/Punjabi word for COCK. Also called 'Lund', 'Lora', 'Lulla'
Lun pay charo meaning Jump on my cock
by Man from Islamabad November 18, 2012
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"LUN" is an acronym for "Link Under Name". In a blog such as Tom Maguire's Just One Minute, when a poster puts LUN in his or her comment, you can click on his or her name to follow the link the commenter is promoting.

This is a shorthand way to point other readers to another web page without having to understand how to use html to properly format links.
Obama lied again! LUN

(where clicking the name of the commenter takes you to the link showing the latest Obama lie)
by JOM hit and run April 27, 2012
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Deriving from Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi meaning Penis.
Aaja mereh kaol noo, thaa mehra lun choosee
by Billy January 31, 2005
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straight pubic hair
named after the fang (the original posessor)
his pubes werent the normal ones, they were luns
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Originally a Cantonese nickname derived from the name 'Alan'. Lun has ties to the male phallus, but this has yet to be proven. Commonly used to express frustration, or used in conjunction with "face" (Lun-Face) as a generic nickname for Seniors in the IBDP. More creative interpretations have included "Luncaster", a wizard who casts Luns instead of spells in WoW. Often used in conjuction with Jing, creating many comic examples of verbal abuse.
1) Stop being such a lun face and integrate e^(x).
2) Wah Lun! Thats a shitload of work!
3) Lets just lun EE and play halo with us.
4) Stop lun-ing volumes of revolution and get your ass over here.
5) T-man: WOW! Thats very Lun!
Ranger: Thats what she said.
by Andrew Tong-Goh-Kim October 07, 2006
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