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Vagina. Derogotary punjabi term to describe a womans genitalia.
Tera puda de vich me lun lagasa
by Billy January 25, 2005
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An acronym standing for "pudgy upper dick area." It describes the area directly above the penis of an obese man.
On their second date Lauren decided to perform oral sex on Doug. To her dismay, he pulled down his pants and revealed his very prominent PUDA.
by mahlerdisciple May 02, 2011
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Puda-Puta The Spanish way of calling someone either a slut or a puta. Or my way of calling my friends over for a get together. Or how Papi chulos refure to their girlfriends.
Puda come over tonight am having a party

Hey Puda can you please get me a beer.
by Jeaniewenie June 26, 2006
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Pudas is what students usually call the oldest student pub in Växjö University, Sweden, and is widely regarded by most intelligent persons to be the greatest among the three currently active student pubs.

Famous for its cosy atmosphere and relaxing mentality, it's considered by many to be the highlight of the week when it is open on Thursdays.

Are you going to Pudas tonight? Yes unless I cease to exist I will go for sure.

I only remember drinking 9 beers at Pudas last night... Yes but that's because you drank 15!

It's so relaxing visiting Pudas, not having to dodge annoying bimbos and drunken brats trying to show-off their non-existing charm on a dirty and sweaty dance floor as you may experience other places on campus...
by Doj-Doj June 18, 2008
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