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The Persian Empire expanded from Africa to China and also to India, until Alexander the Great came along. Persians have a long and eventful history. The Shah of Persia, in the 1930s, changed the name of the country back to its original name, "Iran".

Iran means "the land of the Aryans". So Hitler and all his little Nazi friends were quite awfully wrong in calling themselves Aryans. The closest people of Aryan decent are Iranians and Afghanis and they certainly do not have blue eyes, blond hair and white skin.

As a result of mass integration of various cultures from around the Middle East area, Iranians nowadays are multiracial, but they still take great pride in their country.

Persia was a very rich country, and to some extent, it still is. But the majority of people in Iran are of lower class. However, most Iranians are hard-working and very motivated people. When they immigrate to other countries, a lot of them lead a good lifestyle because they work hard to earn a high status in society. Persians do not settle for anything but first place.
Lots of Persians who immigrate to new countries start out working in small businesses and often times, they start from scratch. They quickly work their way up. Persians are very hard working people.
by Amir03 December 07, 2005
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Persians are an ethnic group from the country of Iran, they are the direct descendents of ancient Indo-Iranians (Aryans), who arrived in parts of Greater Iran circa 2000-1500 BCE and constitute the largest ethnic group in Iran and one the oldest.

Persians have played a crucial part in the history of Iran and their cultural achievement and language (Farsi) constitutes the basis of Iranian society. Persians and ancient Medes(modern Kurds)established the first Iranian state.

Persians lend their name to the Persian Empire (Achamenid Empire) which at the height of its power encompassed approximately 7.5 million square kilometres and became the largest empire of the ancient world.

The Persian Gulf in the Southwest Asian region located between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula is also named after the Persian people.

Real Persians hail from Iran only, other ethnic group native to other countries sometimes wrongfully claim to be Persian because they speak various dialects of the Persian language.
Excuse me miss, what is your nationality?

I'm Persian and we are called Persians!
by Ben234 June 12, 2009
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An Iranian.

Lifestyle: Depends on the person. A Persian can be poor, wealthy or of the middle class. There is no one single status that describes a Persian's lifestyle.

Religion: The official religion of Iran is Islam but there are also many other religions practiced by Persians, especially those living outside of Iran. These other religions include Bahai and Zoroastrian.

Are famous for: Their handcrafted rugs, poetry and cats. However, many people are naive to the fact that Persia used to be a great empire that ruled the vast land spanning across the middle east towards Africa and India. This land that the Persian King Dariush ruled over was called the "Aryan" land. Hitler messed up this term and referred to himself as Aryan and referred to Aryan as a race. This is very offensive to Persian culture. Aryan has nothing to do with Germans or Germany. Aryan is not even a race. It was used to refer to the land that the Persians lived on and. Aryan means "noble" in the ancient Persian language.

Physical features: Persian women are said to be some of the most beautiful women in the world. They are famous for their exotic looking eyes. In general, Persians have black hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. However, this is just a generalization and it varies. There are some who have hazel eyes or brown hair, and some who have dark brown skin.
The Persian civilization was one of the first known civilizations of the early ages. If you ever get a chance to go to Iran, visit the ruins of Persepolis. It's beautiful.
by 01Sabah March 08, 2006
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Pretty much the Russians of the Middle-East. They drink like crazy, all the ones in America are ridiculously rich, they sure do like techno, and all their women are drop-dead gorgeous until they hit 30.

Though they are stereotyped as Arabs, Persians are not Arabs. Belly dancing, Islam, and riding camels is all Arabic stuff. Persians do not speak Arabic, they speak Persian. The reason for some Arab qualities of Persian culture today is because they were conquered by Arabs about 1300 years ago. Before that, Persia was like another Greece or Rome. They should be considered a European people. Persians to this day are still angry at Arab people for forcing Islam unto them and pretty much ruining the country forever. Quite frankly, calling a Persian dude "Arab" would be suicide.

Persian men are stereotyped as hairy, rich, long eyelashes, wears too much cologne, good grades, amazing at soccer, often mistaken to be Italian (sometimes taking advantage of this), and enormously faithful. Persian women are stereotyped as dark haired, long legged, and very closed off to dating outside their race, contrary to Persian men who probably date outside their race more often than not. Lying is one of the biggest taboos in Persian culture so if you happen to be going out with a Persian right now, rest assured he/she will NOT play around with others.

Up until the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran was just like any other country in Europe. But when the revolution came around in 1979-1980, Islamic radicals were in control. Women had to start covering themselves. Religious minorities were persecuted. Life was to be lived by the Koran. No one could get in, few could get out (but for the record, 100% of Persian-Americans came here legally. It's kinda hard to swim over 15,000 miles and sneak into the USA after that, ya know.). Every day Persian people around the world hope the current regime will fall one way or another.

A wonderful people with an awfully crappy government.
Persians can draw many parallels with Russians, from their love of alcohol, to the two country's revolutions which very few people really wanted.
by gormehsabzijoon June 15, 2007
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Iranian language and people who are from Iran call themselves Persian. No it is not prince of Persia come on now -.-
Girl: hey what are you?
Boy: Persian
by somegirl123 July 07, 2013
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(AKA IRANIAN) Is not an ARAB country, in fact many older Iranians dislike Arabs... a lot. Quick facts about iranians! 1. Gorgeous women who love brand names and German cars. 2. Hairy men, very hairy men; who love to buy German cars. 3. Persian women are VERY fiesty, they'll threaten to kick you butt if you piss them off but when your friends with a Persian its heaven. 4) Does not like movie 300, we alwasy say its over dramatized (because it is.) 5. Very gossipy women. 6. Crazy sex drive and appeal. 7. Obnoxiously smart, very good at what they do. 8. Tend to have best jobs (laywers, docters, engineers scientists.) 9. Very cocky but modest people. 10. Always late for everything, never expect us to be on time! 11. Some of the best food. Ever.
by AlistPersian September 18, 2010
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