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When the scrotum of a man is placed upon the face of another person in such a way that the testes of the man placing his scrotum on the face cover the eyes of the recipient of the sandgoggles. From this position, a hot carl becomes very easy to enact.
Dude, I couldn't see the shit coming because arabian sandgoggles were blocking my entire view!
by BilboBaggins January 08, 2004

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Two words, the sound of which can make any female LotR fan (and some male ones) almost reach orgasm. Or, if the person is a wagner, they will reach orgasm. Several times.
Man: So let's have sex. Woman: I have a headache. Man: Legolas Greenleaf. Woman: OOOOOOoooooo! Hey hunny, I'll be right back. I need to, um, go to the bathroom.
by BilboBaggins January 09, 2004

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Someone who has such extraordinary luck that if they were to defecate a beautiful rainbow would come out of their anus rather than faeces.
"Went into town with Jim last night, he ended up shagging a 10/10er and won £100 on a scratchcard"! "Lucky bastard is shitting rainbows".
by Bilbobaggins March 26, 2013

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A bitch of a guy who will make you fall in love then screw you over.
Sebi makes you think he loves you and you're hoping he'll ask you out and suddenly he turns into the world's biggest douche and won't even talk to you anymore.
by BILBOBAGGINS April 23, 2012

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Fags who aren't cool enough to play brass instruments. Also, the air that moves across your cock when a chick is giving you that oh-so-special present.
1) We're the woodwind section! We're unimportant fags! 2) I felt the woodwinds on my balls last night.
by BilboBaggins January 08, 2004

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so cool and such a WEIRDO!!! She is by far the weirdest, most perverted person in the world! SHE'LL DO ANYTHING TO GET INTO YOUR PANTS!

isABELLE (hisses): hello my little Siamese cat!

Me: hey

Isabelle: All part of the plan
by BILBOBAGGINS April 23, 2012

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when something's crazy/turnt or when someone looks fine af
This party is quike

Daaayummm that girl can work. she quiking it
by BILBOBAGGINS August 22, 2016

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