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The illest rapper alive. Born in Queens Bridge and has beef w/ Jay-z and Cormega. (The most talented rapper).
I'm the last real nigga alive, that's official.
by B July 29, 2003
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This is used by Koreans to describe a Korean (one of their own) who trys to act black. Typically, an insult.
Look at that kiggah over there trying to act like he's from the streets when he's driving that bmw his parents bought for him.
by B September 15, 2004
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The most useless character in Final Fantasy X, primarily because he has no clear-cut Sphere Grid path. Fights with a spear. Uses an ability called 'Lancet' to learn enemy skills, which he can execute when he goes into Overdrive. The horn on his forehead is broken. Not much of a talker.
Kimahri's your only character still standing?! Oh man, you're screwed.
by B February 10, 2005
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Best Hummingbird-Based Shooter Available for the 32X
Kolibri rules
by B August 27, 2003
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Kings Point Sucks. Can be found in mostly in bars in many ports all over the world, anywhere KP cadets go while at sea it will appear. Sometimes appears in the strangest of places
KPS 05
Usually followed by a class year
by B April 27, 2004
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act of being high and drunk and the same time
Man I was so krunked last night.
by B December 26, 2002
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kthxn means k as in ok, thx as in thanks, and the n stands for nigga. its basically just a stupid way of saying thank you that people are too lazy to type out. kthxn!
lykomgz112: heyy.
stfurofl234: yooo
lykomgz112:ew lozer. get off me. kthxn
by B June 17, 2006
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