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what you are doing with your life?
Did you know that sex - xes isn't some live-saving stuff?
sex-xes kinda sounds like sucess, in our communication system
but it's not some key to the universe
for the sucess
the little standard bastardadizer said "latin annus could be inside my poo-poo"
and had (DPA) diarreiac presuomic attack and (OND) obsessive-neuronic disease
after having sexxes (buzzwords funny)
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by Astronomicsmallchungustheorem October 22, 2022
masturbasex /mæstɚbəsɛks/ MASS-TUR-BUH-SEKS* (/mæstəbəsɛks/ MASS-TU-BUH-SEKS if you have a non-rhotic dialect)
noun • fictional

Sexual intercourse while masturbating

Masturbation; wanking (British)
Sex; sexual intercourse
jack and sabrina are having sex
Sabrina: "Uuuuh you know how masturbasex aka sexturbation, sex while masturbating, works?"
Jack: "Nope."
Sabrina: "While having sex, you can masturbate in any part of the penis with exception of the part that you're fucking"
Jack: "Imma try it"
starts to try
Jack: "aaaaaaaaah, i feel sooooo good!"
You: "wtf"
Jack: "lol he's reacting like 'whaaat' to our funny masturbasex"
Sabrina: "did yo0o0o0ou just BROKE thth-the forth wall, yah ... yah GOD-FUCKING-DAMN IDIOT!!"
Sabrina explodes
Jack: "what??????????????????????????????????!!!!"
You: "0_0" (actually maybe something more like 'lmao-bruh!!')
by Astronomicsmallchungustheorem December 28, 2022
is mathematical expression/equation sex that means two

general mathematical symbols or expressions, numbers, etc
√99: What (so)up guys, I was (6 x 9)+(6+9) = 69 with (34,5 x 4)
Plus Symbol (+):What is that??
3:Go to urban dicionary to see lol
1:Idiot; Stupid; Motherfucker; Son of a bitch.

2:A person who do excrements on his own mother after being born.

3:Some baby inside his mother because to do excrements, to do excrements on his mother who can sometimes happen(what most person say will be awful but sometimes happens) .
1:"You're a mothershitter!"
2:"Tom pooped on his mother, wow an mothershitter!"
3:"Oh god it pooped in me, mothershitter fetus!"
When you upload something serious to the urban dictionary but it's so bad peepleo give a lot of 👎 and then the mod see (doing their work to moderate Urban Dictionary) and they say ‘‘𝘧𝘶𝘤𝘬 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘪𝘴 𝘣𝘶𝘭𝘭𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘵’’ and they ban you.
Mods:fuck this is bull shit
Mods (doing their work): u r baned from urban dictionary
User: N000O0O00h
'buzz words are a cyllyndrellic convex that tile aristotle's philosophical plane perflectly and with no in-contradiction'
i asked the guy what a buzz words was but he just throwned a bunch of difficult words to understand seemingly with no intention of being meaningful
lol that's what buzzwords are
by Astronomicsmallchungustheorem October 23, 2022
Bean + 'ing' / Usually Informal
1. Putting a large beans in stuff that isn't yours
( i ) : Usually this happens mostly in British Tiktok
The Tiktoker @epicprobeaner beaned that guy, by the way the Tiktoker said 'No one is free from the beaning'
by Astronomicsmallchungustheorem October 14, 2021