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Another gay instant messenger abbreviation created by losers with no life. Means "parent over shoulder." Used to tell the other person that your mom/dad is looking so don't type anything you wouldn't want them to see.
ChEeRcHiCk289: omg lyk u no who is lyk so hott?
SeXiPriNcEsS542: pos
ChEeRcHiCk289: um....what is our math homework
SeXiPriNcEsS: ok he left
ChEeRcHiCk289: oMg! josh is soOo hott and i gave him head yesterday because im a slutty little cheerleader!
by Asshole November 08, 2003
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what liberal bastards use to hide there prejudice
the word african american is politically correct and bullshit because not even africans call themselves africans and because they ar'nt from africa themselves and because there are infact white africans in the future just say black
by asshole February 02, 2004
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Word all too often used by Americans to connotate a feeling of apathy. The fact that it's used in almost every sentence is not as alarming to many as it should be.
"They bombed a foreign nation without cable TV. Millions died."
"Whatever. They're making another Temptation Island."
by Asshole October 06, 2003
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a person who smokes, drinks $4 coffee and visits art museums and talks about the art expressing the descent and selling out of America to capitalists and other four syllable words but they are huge ass hypocrits cuz they are selling out too with their goddamn cigarettes and $5 lattes and banana republic peacoats. listen to Dead Milkmen's "you'll dance to anything"
you know what you are? an ART FAG!
by asshole January 21, 2004
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1) A small, reliable airplane manufactured by Cessna capable of takeoff and landing in very small areas. High load capacity. Popular with FedEx pilots and drug dealers. Can be equipped for both freight or luxury.

2) A large, unreliable minivan manufactured by Dodge capable of infecting every driveway in a white suburban neighborhood. High load capacity. Popular with soccermoms and drug dealers. Equipped for both freight and luxury.
1) "My Caravan has fifty cupholders."

2) "My Caravan has fifty cupholders."
by Asshole October 06, 2003
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Slang term used in corrupt massage parlors (Whack Palaces) to indicate that you wish to be given a handjob.
"Yeah, uhm, do you offer a full release massage?"
by Asshole October 06, 2003
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Term used to describe the genitalia of a woman whose been penetrated with hostile force many times over a long period of time.
Man 1: "Dude, did you really go home with that w.m. girl Jen last night?"
Man 2: "Yeah I did bro, but I got the fuck outta there as soon as I saw her loose meat sandwhich
by AssHole April 04, 2005
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