76 definition by Ash

a female or group of females that think they are cute, but are extremely busted
S: look at those ugmuffins over there thinkin that they are cute
by Ash March 19, 2005

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To express yourself in an artful manner.
Have you seen Vnizzle, what a Tilado
by Ash January 15, 2005

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The union, or belief in a (re)union between the characters John CARter and abBY Lockhart on ER.
"I love Carby"
"I miss Carby"
"Carby is the love that will return - move over Doug and Carol"
by Ash April 13, 2005

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Were to start... Well, townies (chavs, twats, neds in scotland. I also hear they are called trevs in bristol.) They wear tracksuits all the time, often wear gloves as they may be called to rob a house or mug an old woman. They wear that damn burberry pattern all the time (Shirts, hats. It wouldn't suprise me if they had burberry underwear...) They smoke to look hard, only to look hard (Well, i smoke but it's because its one thing that calms me down after run-ins with the scum.) They love to start on normal people, goths and moshers, well basicly everyone. They drive around in 1.1 Vauxhall novas or fiestas with added body kits to make it look like the sports version, which they can't afford on the dole or by mugging old ladies. I think we should start taking back our world from these burberry wearing sheep.
What do you do if you see a townie with half a face? Stop laughing and reload the shotgun
by Ash December 01, 2004

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a way of life in which there is no supposed "form of government," has become popular by followers of the punk pop culture beause they (a) do not understand what it is, (b) think it is a sign for avril lavigne, or (c)know what it is, but don't realize that it will never work

it is completely impossible for there to be no form of government, human nature forces us to look to authority figures for guidance, and also when some fucker comes and steals from you, your gonna want said fucker to pay for it, getting together a group to go after him, said group will become a tribe, and such will happen all over the world

the punk posers who say they support anarchy and are aggainst the "corporations" do not realize that their beloved hot topic is a corporation, so is the anarchy brand name, the anarchy brand is truly smart, they realize the stupid shit for brain skaters have no idea what the fuck anarchy really is and will buy whatever is "in"

anarchy is a good idea, in theory, SUPPOSING every single person was willing to work and share the fruits of their labor with the rest of the world, sure, it could happen, but there will always be people who say, fuck no, you give me some of that "whatever they made" and ill give you what you want, causing people to eventually revert to a system of money, going against everything true "anarchists" stand for

oh, and the a with the o around it is the anarchy symbol, not the avril sign
punk fucker: dude, lets go skate, and then buy some anarchy shit from hot topic
me: do you even know what anarchy is?
punk fucker: yeah dude, GO AVRIL
by ash May 23, 2004

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RiToC: A kick ass online TO player!
oh my G0D RiToC, you totally pwnd me then!!
by ash April 04, 2005

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Vasaline used for sexual pleasure, used mostly by gays or pople who enjoy anal
" If you want to give me anal im gonna need Vasaloob"
by Ash February 10, 2005

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