76 definition by Ash

an undercover pig who tries to bust ppl for using drugs
by ash October 28, 2003

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An Australian word used to represent any creature labelled Peter that is of less-than-acceptable intelligence.
Derived from the 'Peter,Peter,Pumpkin Eater' Rhyme.
You need to activate the device before commencing use Puckken
by Ash December 07, 2004

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I say the colors are:
Blue: kiss
Yellow: Hug
Red: lapdance
Purple: oral sex
Black: intercourse
At my school that's how it is.
by ash December 06, 2003

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The Blues, the peoples' club, the football team representing Merseyside. They live in a cramped, out-of-date stadium, have no 'star' players, are bankrupt and doomed to relegation. However, they are still above the RS and have just twatted Manure.
Me (in the Walton last night): how long has it been since we beat them manc feqqaz?
me arl fella: Bout 25 minutes ar kid
by Ash April 21, 2005

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BCS or Bowl Championship Series. A formula created by the NCAA to say who goes to the National Championship, which rotates between the Rose, Orange, Sugar and Fiesta Bowl. Also determines who gets the money in national college football.
In 2004 the BCS selected USC and Oklahoma to play for the National Championship in the Orange Bowl.
by Ash February 17, 2005

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heroin-addicted lead singer of nirvana.
The drugs drove him to the edge but his legend lives on. He was married to courtney love and they had a daughter called francis bean.
I love kurt cobain 4eva nd eva!!
by Ash February 16, 2005

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Used in a similar sense to 'blah, blah, blah', when showing disinterest in conversation between two daft persons.
Derived from the 'Lord of the Rings' movie, made popular by Australia's Rove McManus.
Daft Person 1: Frodo...
Daft Person 2: Sam...
Daft Person 1: Frodo...
Daft Person 2: Sam...
Strange Person 1: Gandalf!
by Ash December 07, 2004

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