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A so-called "normal" person who shuns the feelings the rest of us have, stigmatizes our solutions, and would take away our right to self-terminate, calling us selfish or immature or incapable of deciding our own destinies.
He was totally going to bleed to fruition, but some shiny-happy found him and called 911. Now he'll be in therapy making other shiny-happies feel good about themselves.
by ASH September 20, 2004

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a Brittish drink, can often be ordered in bars, invented as a piis take of the car manufacturer, consists of Tequila Vodka and Red bull
TVR please mate ( at pub / bar)
by ash May 07, 2005

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1. Mint
2. Extremely small breasts.
1. You need a tic tac, your breath stinks!
2. Jaysus, she's a right tic-tac!
by Ash February 16, 2005

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Invented by the Andrew Z morning show in Toledo, OH...to be vagangry means to have a cranky vagina (ie be a total biatch)
Trish, you are so vagangry this morning. You're making D's balls shrivel.
by Ash July 15, 2009

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It's the same thing as a thingamabob.
Just put that thingermajigger into that socket thing there and twist.
by ash February 10, 2003

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Slang for condomn. (popular with underage teenagers)
" i was fucking lucky i had that 50p lifesaver!"
by Ash February 16, 2005

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An Australian word used to describe and individual with similarities to an animal.
Callum, what a haedjinn, I mean he must come from a family of penguins!
by Ash December 07, 2004

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