Stands for away from life, used to describe people such as nerds who never leave their computer, people who shun all others, etc.
The whole summer I've been AFL dotaing so that I could be as good as Stoli :(
by Fallore August 23, 2006
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A ball game with a bunch of contact that is mostly kicking goals and it’s also known as Footy. Only Aussies would know
#go North Melbourne
by Warthogs and Elaphants September 8, 2018
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Aww, look at how that kid walks... He's so AFL!
by bud4lyf September 9, 2010
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1. Amigo/a for life.
2. Amazing fuck lover.
1. Yusef is Maryam's AFL.
2. Maryam is Yusef's AFL.
by Shady Man Boobies September 19, 2007
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Short for Australian Football League, an obscure suburban sport played in southern areas of Australia. Previously called the Victorian Football League, or Victorian Rules Football.

Before each game, teams must run through banners constructed entirely of toilet paper and clag glue and containing messages such as 'Go the Roo Boys' or other such crap.

Playing uniform is similarly macabre. Each player must wear a singlet, shoes, socks and shorts so tight, if they were any tighter they'd need bowel surgery to remove them.

AFL is the only sport in the world which rewards people for failure, with one point given for missing a shot at goal, or hitting one of the large goal posts, or if an opposing player runs the ball between the goals.

Despite what any AFL follower will tell you, it is slightly above watching grass grow in terms of an entertainment spectacle. It does not have any significant following outside of the Australian states of Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania, with the more open-minded Australians (i.e. New South Wales and Queensland) preferring Rugby League and Rugby Union. Even drawf-tossing is more popular in these states.

The first International AFL World Cup was held in 2003 in Melbourne. There were more players on the field than spectators in the stands. Nobody remembers who won. Nauru are a powerhouse in World AFL, as well as Denmark, who hold the non-Australian attendance record for a game of AFL - 62. (That's sixty-two, not sixty-two thousand).

In order to play AFL, it is compulsory to do or have done one of these:

* Bonk your best mate's wife
* Urinate on a lady's leg at a pub
* Own a copy of 'Up There Cazaly'
* Have a name such as Wayde, Rhett, Jarred or Digby
* Steal from your team-mates
* Be an accessory to the death of a young lady by drug over-dose
* Be totally ignorant
* Keep a closed mind
AFL - rhymes with Gay FL. Coincidence? I think not.

"Great mark there by Digby...."
by League Rocks February 26, 2005
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A queer Australian game which is supported by a predominantly homosexual fan base. As opposed to Rugby League, where true strength and courage is on display on a weekly basis, AFL incorporates the truly degenerate facets of society, such as cowardice and faggetry. While Melbournian homosexuals continue to defend the game, some going as far as to say that it is a masculine and tough sport, all one has to do to disspell this claim is to cite the typical fights in AFL. Fighting in the AFL never involves manly punches. Instead a form of pseudo faggot fighting takes place, which includes head locks, shoulder punches, jersey grabs, pushing, shoving, wrestling, etc. Clearly embarrassed by this all too obvious show of homosexuality, male AFL supporters never discuss fighting in their sport. Rugby League and, to a lesser degree, Rugby Union, are the only truly masculine sports in Australia.
HOMO: AFL is the greatest sport in Australia, and the toughest.

ME: How can you say that when you'll get suspended for weeks simply for throwing a punch in the AFL?

HOMO: ??????

ME: Fag.
by Neil_Dragon September 27, 2007
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"AFL", known as "GayFL" and "AwFuL" is a pussy sport played by weaklings who all just don't have the guts to go into a real tackle, which happens all the time when you play Rugby League or Rugby Union.

"Not much points are scored!" the AFL fans say. Well, what I say in reply is this: "Exactly what makes AFL a pussy game. Points in AFL are so simple to get, whilst in League or Union, points are hard to get, which makes the game more challenging and entertaining."

AFL is so pussy, they reward players with points for simply kicking the ball through a wide post. It is impossible not to score at least once in each AFL game, which makes this game a sooky game. AFL is an embarrasment to Australia, along with Sydney railway company, CityRail.

If you want a real sport, try Rugby Union or Rugby League.
GayFL Fanboy: "Did you watch footy last night?"

NRL Fan: "Yeah. Did you see the Gold Coast Titans four point win over the Canterbury Bulldogs?"

GayFL Fanboy: "No. I meant AFL."

NRL Fan: "Oh... AFL... I don't watch that crap."

NRL fan then punches GayFL fanboy.
by Anti-AFL May 24, 2008
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