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White Rabbit is not cocain, its a rabbit off of alice in wonderland.
Hambly, Mark is not a white rabbit!
by ASh January 26, 2005

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South African slang term. An exclamation expressing approval
"Let's hit the beach"
"One time!"
by Ash July 22, 2004

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Something that is cool, chill, and the like.
That car is so danke!!
by ash February 16, 2005

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The worlds greatest sport, also known as Aussie Rules and Australian football.

Fast paced, it incorporates the best aspects of all the football codes and the likes of basketball and boxing (unofficially).

It dates back to Melbourne in the 1800s.

Its premier league is in Australia and is the AFL. Amateur leagues exist in many countries including the USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand and the list goes on.

The first amateur world cup, called the International Cup was held in 2002. The second will occur in 2005.

In Australia it is the prominent sport in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. The ACT and Queensland are coming around, but Sydney still needs work.

It draws greater crowds than Australia's other football codes on a club level (as Australia only plays Aussie Rules once-yearly in compromise rules against Ireland). The Grand Final draws a crowd of 100,000 people.
See for yourself:
by Ash January 16, 2005

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The premier league of Australian Rules football in Australia, the world's best sport.

It is not to be confused with the sport itself (see link).
Sports reporter: Chris Judd has been voted the AFL's best and fairest player of season 2004.
by Ash January 16, 2005

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A shortened version of the word football used in:

Australia to mean either:
Australian Rules football
Rugby League
Rugby Union

England to mean:
I'm off to the footy this Friday night to see my beloved Kangaroos thump Collingwood. Man those Magpie supporters are bogans.
by Ash April 12, 2005

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