A cool sexy last name with Angelo Saxon origins.
Dang! she's so sexy! I bet she's a Walton
by Aide tads February 28, 2017
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Walton’s seem weird at first, but once you get to know them, they are interesting and kind hearted people who would take great care of their loved ones. They are smart and funny and like building and designing things. They are often shy, but once they’re comfortable around you, they will treat you like their most valuable and meaningful friend/partner.
My friend Walton is a great guy and he shows great respect and loyalty to people he cares about and loves.
by Alex. S October 19, 2019
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A guy who is a little shy but always kind. He is understanding, but still tough and a little thick headed. He is a perfect example of someone to be with. He is smart and witty.
Walton is so handsome and sweet.
by Raddude439 June 29, 2018
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Anglo-Saxon for One Who Guards the Wall. People named Walton who have people call them "Walt" are rejecting over 1000 years of heritage and are fags.
Option 1
- "Hi, I'm Walton"

- "Hi Walton, what a cool name. Can I call you Walt?"

- "No."

- "Wow, you are so awesome!"

Option 2
- "Hi, my name is Walton, but you can call me Walt."

- "Fag."
by Jessica Vandermond February 5, 2010
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A cool and very respectful guy. But sometimes he can be a complete dick and be completely useless majority of the time. Most often found in a gay strip club.
Nick is such a Walton when he's around.
by Baller007 March 21, 2017
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A fanatic Arsenal supporter who watches every match on the edge of his seat whilst enjoying a quick hand shandy from a morbidly obese woman.
"Hey fancy Walton at the match tonight - that chick over there looks huge."

"Too right - the game looks good and she is massive"
by Spare Rib September 13, 2011
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An awesome show from the 1970's, which captures true family values, rather than that of the 2000's which is all about "ME." Where selfish celebrities dominate the air waves. I am only 15, but the show is great, there will never be a better show than the Waltons
Typical teenager: Hey did you see Dane Cook on SNL last night?

Me: Naaw dude, I watched the Waltons.

Typical teenager: What the hell is that?

Me: (Shows a 3 minute clip of the show)

Typical teenager: Wow that looks soooo boring and stupid.

Me: (Rolls eyes) Whatever dude, maybe this world wouldn't be as hateful today if we didn't have people like you, and if we had more shows like this.

Typical teenager: F*** off you faggot!

Me: (Thinks nothing of it because I don't care what people think)
by JanitorWithAnAxe July 14, 2011
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