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Combining Ecstacy with another drug. Usually makes the other drug more intense and produces friendlier effects.
Candy Flipping - Combining LSD with MDMA

Robo flipping - Combining DXM with MDMA.
by Arm November 6, 2004
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A Bong is a device, often used by people who smoke cannabis, which helps the user ingest an extreme amount of doughnuts. Each use or hit off a bong is called a rip; a typical user will consume between 4 and 12 doughnuts in a normal bong rip. The device consists of a long hollow tube, or chamber, and an air hole, also known as a carb. To prepare the bong for use the user stuffs the desired amount of doughnuts into the chamber. Care must be taken not to stuff too many doughnuts in or the doughnuts will face an obstruction during the high speed exit phase.

Once the bong has been loaded the user wraps their lips around it and turns it upside down. Another person hooks up an air compressor to the carb and starts to inject air around 15 or 20 PSI (2 maple bar). The higher pressure forces the doughnuts down and out the tube. With carefully timed swallowing motions the doughnuts can be swallowed without choking.

A bong is typically purchased at a speciality store for consumers of cannabis known as a supermarket.

See also: vaporizer

Source: Uncyclopedia
Joe just ate 12 donuts in a single rip from the bong. Holy shit!
by Arm April 15, 2006
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From Wikipedia, the encyclopedia thats a goldmine of information, not matter how stupid or inportant it is:

In the video game BioHazard or Resident Evil, the T-Virus, or Tyrant-Virus, was the first and primary mutagen virus developed by the Umbrella Corporation. The T-Virus was responsible for the creation of the majority of their Bio-Organic Weapons or BOWs. However, its intended purpose was to create the perfect BOW: the Tyrant.

n 1978 in Arklay Labs. Umbrella saw potential in the recently discovered Ebola virus that had just been found in Africa. The corporation saw limitless potential in the virus due to its nearly 90% death rate. Umbrella was very careful about its research. The Biological Weapons Convention prohibited the research and development of such things. So to get around this obstacle, Umbrella masqueraded their research, saying they were trying to find a cure for it.

However, their research was halted. The Ebola virus proved to be unable to survive outside a human host except for only a few days due to its extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. It also killed its host too quickly, which limited the chances of the person infecting others. Lastly, the Ebola could only infect with direct contact with others, even furthering limiting the chances of infection.

Umbrella researchers asked themselves: What if a heavily infected host could continue to still be mobile, and what if the host could continue to infect others, as well? This idea would give birth to the T-Virus.

After the development of the Progenitor virus, three men would finally succeed in the creation of the T-Virus on December 4th, 1978 after combining it with leech DNA. These men were Dr. James Marcus, Captain Albert Wesker, and Dr. William Birkin.

The T-Virus would serve as the basis of most of the other viruses developed by the Umbrella Corporation, such as the T-Veronica Virus and the NE-T Virus.

a protein crystal with a DNA core. As the crystal makes contact with a cell's membrane, it destroys it and inserts its DNA into the cell. The cell absorbs the viral genome into its own DNA, which takes over the cell's functions. The cell begins to produce offspring of the original virus. The new viruses are then released from the host cell and infect the neighboring cells, which starts the process all over again.

What the T-Virus does is kills any living mitochondria and replaces the dead ones. The virus then combines with other cells to produce energy. The energy produced is just enough to power the motor neurons and the basic lower brain functions. Not only that, but this bypasses the entire circulatory system, which makes the heart and lung redundant systems that can be disposed of.

However, the T-Virus can only properly function by consuming the cell in order to produce its energy and to divide via mitosis to spread around the body. This slow breakdown of cells leads to the necrotising effects seen on most BOWs. The virus also incorporates itself into the host's RNA, which substantially alters it. This is why creatures, such as the bees and spiders, only have very minor mutation, such as increased size, when compared to the human mutation caused by the virus. This is due to their lower stance in the evolutionary chain.

Should the host be alive at the time of T-Virus infection, all higher brain functions are destroyed as the virus simply dissolves away the frontal lobes. This leaves only the telencephalon, better known as the cerebrum, to govern behavior. This leaves the infected host with a very animalistic behavior. As the virus spreads, it damages the hypothalamus. This produces a massive flood of neurotransmitters, enzymes, and hormones such as norepinephrine and dopamine. These effects, combined with the painful symptoms of the infection, induces a psychotic rage, persistent hunger, and increased aggressiveness in those infected.

Should the host be dead at the time of infection, only enough energy is produced to power the lower brain functions. These functions are responsible for the most primal instincts, such as walking and eating.
The T-Virus seems capable of many ways to infect someone or something. The T-Virus can infect a host by:

- Direct injection. Most of Umbrella's experimentations with the T-Virus was done through direct injection of the virus into the host. This was considered Umbrella’s “primary means” of infection.
- Water. Evidence suggested that the scientists and researchers in Spencer Estate mansion were infected once the T-Virus got into the water supply.
- Airborne. There is some dispute over the fact whether the T-Virus is actually airborne or not. However, when the virus broke out in the Spencer Estate, all had to wear chemical protection suits, leading credence that the virus is in fact an airborne pathogen. Some believe that if the virus is airborne, that it is airborne for a very short period of time. (However, in the movie, the T-Virus is indeed airborne.)
- Contact with open wounds. Any direct contact with the T-Virus on a recently opened wound will cause infection.
- Attack. Anyone attacked by an infected host will have the virus transferred to them. A bite, scratch, gash, or stab will transfer the virus. Umbrella said this was a “secondary means” of infection.

The primary reason for the infection in Raccoon City is believed to be from rats and fleas that had become contaminated. The rats had became infected in the sewers that were connected to the Spencer Estate and fleas through contact of the rats. Thus, we can reasonably assume that the poor were first infected and then spread it through the city.
by Arm August 8, 2005
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A vaporizer is a device, used often by consumers of cannabis, which enables to user to ingest a doughnut with out having to chew it up. The doughnut is placed in a chamber and is heated to its vaporization point. As the operator sucks on a tube which draws fresh air through the chamber the vaporized doughnut material is drawn through the tube, into the user's mouth, and over their taste buds. This gives the effect of allowing the user to taste the doughnut but they are not required to actually swallow it.

Proponents of the vaporizer claim the taste of vaporized doughnut matches or surpasses the taste of doughnuts eaten with a bong. A recent study demonstrated that the water in a bong filtered out more sugar than either a vaporizer or eating a doughnut using only the hands.
Using a vaporizer to eat those half dozen doughnut, i'm into it.
by Arm May 5, 2006
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As said by Metallica fans:

Also known as early Metallica. A time period in Metallicas lifetime when their highest quality music was produced and before they sold out to the music industry and became complete hypercrites. Usually the time period is before Load or the Black Album was released, depending on how you look at it.
Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All


Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All, Metallica(Black Album)
by Arm April 23, 2004
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A womans vagina that appears to be so used and abused that her insides look as if they are hanging out through it, often making it look like pussy innards or guts and giving it a "sliced roast beef-like" appearance.
That stripper dropped her panties showing a shaved slutgut.
by Arm June 20, 2004
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