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A burning sensation felt in the stomach after drinking alot of strong or shitty alcohol. Can range from mild to overwhelmingly severe.

This condition is formally is called gastritis. Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach.
The only thing you can do about gastritis is:
1) Vomit
2) Wait it out until your stomach next empties out which will be at around 20 minutes.

I'm also told that drinking more alcohol helps but thats probably bullshit.
Aww fuck, I shouldnt of drank that vodka and Mad Dog. Now I got firebelly. I better go lay down.
by Arm April 18, 2006
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A womans vagina that appears to be so used and abused that her insides look as if they are hanging out through it, often making it look like pussy innards or guts and giving it a "sliced roast beef-like" appearance.
That stripper dropped her panties showing a shaved slutgut.
by Arm June 19, 2004
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When something is very good.
"That weed we just smoked was hella fire." -Some Stoned Dude

"This chicken and rice is hella fire" -Me high.
by Arm May 26, 2006
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well who else would exactly match such an insult? BILLY! yes u, im talking to YOU. URE A FUCKING POOF! (u do know this is a joke dont u?)
by arm July 30, 2003
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A Bong is a device, often used by people who smoke cannabis, which helps the user ingest an extreme amount of doughnuts. Each use or hit off a bong is called a rip; a typical user will consume between 4 and 12 doughnuts in a normal bong rip. The device consists of a long hollow tube, or chamber, and an air hole, also known as a carb. To prepare the bong for use the user stuffs the desired amount of doughnuts into the chamber. Care must be taken not to stuff too many doughnuts in or the doughnuts will face an obstruction during the high speed exit phase.

Once the bong has been loaded the user wraps their lips around it and turns it upside down. Another person hooks up an air compressor to the carb and starts to inject air around 15 or 20 PSI (2 maple bar). The higher pressure forces the doughnuts down and out the tube. With carefully timed swallowing motions the doughnuts can be swallowed without choking.

A bong is typically purchased at a speciality store for consumers of cannabis known as a supermarket.

See also: vaporizer

Source: Uncyclopedia
Joe just ate 12 donuts in a single rip from the bong. Holy shit!
by Arm April 14, 2006
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Chemisty abbreviation for copper. Comes from the Latin name.
by Arm January 01, 2009
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A vaporizer is a device, used often by consumers of cannabis, which enables to user to ingest a doughnut with out having to chew it up. The doughnut is placed in a chamber and is heated to its vaporization point. As the operator sucks on a tube which draws fresh air through the chamber the vaporized doughnut material is drawn through the tube, into the user's mouth, and over their taste buds. This gives the effect of allowing the user to taste the doughnut but they are not required to actually swallow it.

Proponents of the vaporizer claim the taste of vaporized doughnut matches or surpasses the taste of doughnuts eaten with a bong. A recent study demonstrated that the water in a bong filtered out more sugar than either a vaporizer or eating a doughnut using only the hands.
Using a vaporizer to eat those half dozen doughnut, i'm into it.
by Arm May 04, 2006
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