42 definition by Argonak

A tie...made with a guitar.

You take a guitar and smash it on top of someone's head. The neck of the guitar will make a tie.

Warning: If done with an electric guitar, death or hospitalization are very likely outcomes.
A guitar tie can be quite humorous...

but is breaking a guitar really worth it?

by Argonak August 23, 2008

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This can mean many things, all of which are (as the name implies) destructive to the recipient's anal opening.

Noun: Something which is used to inflict massive anal damage (broomhandle, monster dildo, armadillo, shoe, etc.)
Noun: The actual technique of using a tool (as described above) to pound the victim's anal opening into submission.
"After being tied down to prevent escape, the man was given a thorough backdoor sledgehammer."

"I will use this lampshade as a backdoor sledgehammer if you come near my house again."
by Argonak August 18, 2008

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When you wrap wire around your throbbing member and during intercouse you electrocute it. The amount of voltage varies from user to user (personal preference).

Warning: "Thunder Rodding" may cause severe burns and possibly the amputation of your meat knob.
Rodion: "Thunder rodding can be fun."
Steven: "Really? I hear it can burn your cock."
Rodion: "I know...thats why its fun."
Steven: "Oh..."
by Argonak April 18, 2008

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When prior to sexual intercourse (more often non-consensual then consensual)a man wraps his man meat in barbed or razor wire.

This inflicts massive damage to the orfices that the perpetrator decides to defile with his god rod.
"My penis hurts so much after I gave Joseph a barbed surprise...but it was worth it."
by Argonak April 15, 2008

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1. A creature/person who is very slippery in nature.

2. A small slipper.

Note: This word can be used in place of slipmeister, however slipster is more often associated with a smaller or slimier person/creature.
As the gecko made its way quickly across the room, Rodion had no choice but to exclaim "Wow!Look at that slipster!"

As the penis gracefully slipped in between his butcheeks, Joe exclaimed "You're a really slipster, aren't you?"
by Argonak April 13, 2008

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A robotic device (sometimes, but not always of a sexual nature) which pounds.

While officialy of a robotic nature, it is often used to describe anything that pounds, whether it is of organic or synthetic build.
"A jackhammer is a poundatron." -Synthetic example.

"A was a destructive poundatron last night." -Organic example.

"The city was pounded into rubble by the massive poundatron." -Bonus example.
by Argonak August 18, 2008

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1. Rape using a crepe.
2. French rape.
3. Rape in a "fancy" way.
1."If you don't shut up right now I will shove this crepe up your ass!"

"Crepe rape!"

2. The frenchman proceded to pounce on his victim as the young boy cried out in dismay, "Crepe rape!".

3. As he spread caviar across my body, all I could mutter through my silk gag was "Crepe rape...!"
by Argonak August 23, 2008

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