42 definition by Argonak

1. A demon that emerges out of your asshole if you have anal sex.

2. A particularly nasty shit.

3. A backdoor pirate...AKA person who likes to stick their god given meat inside of other people's assholes.
Pope: "If you have anal sex the butt demon will crucify you on your toilet."

Zach: "I just left a godly butt demon in the toilet."

Rodion: "Joey is a butt demon."
Tyler: "So is Brutis."
Rodion *shudders*
by Argonak April 15, 2008

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Kameo is a game by development team Rare for the Xbox 360. This game has you take the role of a fairy who can transform into several different grotesque creatures.

Even though this game is sick and perverse in nature, there is something disturbing about it that keeps its players coming back for more.
"I don't want to play Kameo." - Travis

"You have no choice." - Rodion
by Argonak April 11, 2008

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1. One of the most powerful/fearsome midgets in human history. His super strength and ability to fit in small places is legendary.

2. An affectionate term for a midget or short person.
Tom: "Haha!!! Look at that stupid midget!"

Steve: "Dude...thats Midgetaro..."


Only bones remain.
by Argonak April 11, 2008

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1. A pirate whose preferred method of pillaging is though the backdoor.

2. Someone who engages in the giving of anal sex.

3. A common name for a hypothetical homosexual piece of pornography. However there is no evidence to suggest that there is either a movie or a magazine which has the words "Backdoor Pirate" anywhere in it.
Rodion: "I am a backdoor pirate."

Sarah: "Eeek!"

Joey: "HAahah I bet your dad stars in Backdoor Pirates 7!"

Rodion: "You fucktard...there's no such thing!"

by Argonak April 12, 2008

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A device to which a victim is strapped by their hands and feet, and then they are stretched opposite ways, so as to cause the dislocation of several body parts, and eventual tearing of the body.
The Rack can also be used to relieve back pain.
by Argonak April 11, 2008

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A medieval torture device which consisted of a two-sided fork which would be strapped to the victims neck so that any movement of the jaw caused extreme pain.

The victim was then forced to say the word "abiuro" which is latin for "I recant" or else they were hung or burned at the stake.

This device qualifies as a funkatron.
Tom: "I don't really think that god exists..."

Bill: "STFU or Im gonna tell the pope and he will strap a Heretic's Fork to your neck!"

Tom: "..."
by Argonak April 11, 2008

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1. Something "funky" or "strange". Often used to describe an item with a purpose which is unknown or mysterious.

2. Occasionaly used to describe a person who exhibits "funky" or "strange" qualities.

Rodion pulls out a speculum.

Phil: "What is this funkatron?"

Rodion: "Let me show you..."
by Argonak April 11, 2008

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