In a game of chess, the term "Fork" is used when a piece attacks 2 or more of the opponents pieces at the same time.

Quite often it's a Pawn or more frequently, a Knight that is responsible for executing a Fork.
Example 1:

White moved his Knight to square e6 placing black's King in check. Much to black's chagrin, his Queen was on f5 which also was a square the Knight was attacking when the check was placed. Thus creating a "Fork".

Because a Knight check can't be blocked, black had to move his King to get out of check, at which point the Knight captured black's Queen.

Example 2: White pushed his pawn to square e4 and as a result, attacked the black's Bishop on square d5 and Rook on square f5 simultaneously.
by Baraka ALL Forums January 15, 2013
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The work that you Say instead of fuck when you're in the good place.
Eleanor Shellstrop: fork, wait what! I can't say fork?! What the fork up is going on?!
by The RealTruth. October 22, 2019
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Something you don't need to be going around threatening to stab somebody with. A fork is used for eating food, and a person should have no reason to think of a fork as anything more than an eating utensil.
The guy who uses a fork to eat and not to make threats is the guy who should be left alone. The guy who uses a fork as an example of something he might do is the guy who needs his fork taken from him until he knows how to use a goddamn fork, or when to joke and when not to.
by Solid Mantis June 21, 2018
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An eating utensil with FOUR stabby prongs. (Not to get confused with a trident, a device with 3 prongs. Forks have 4 not 3. You do not eat with a trident, it is a godly weapon, not a fork.)
I’m eating my salad with a fork
by Fredisnotdead January 24, 2018
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to screw over someone in NBA 2K during an association draft
Fellin just forked Tony so hard
by Certified Poopyface June 19, 2016
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Reference to the size of a male's penis.
Small, usually under or around four inches. Skinny, and mostly limp.
Ashlee, dont bother going out with Zack tonight. Total fork.
by McBiscuit and McStroodle February 3, 2008
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