A torture device of many forms and shapes. The main purpose it serves is to inflict slow and excrutiating pain to the fingers or toes of a victim.

A sexual technique involving the thumb (or both thumbs) to screw or fuck their partner or victim. Usually performed in the "thumbs up" or "handshake" position.
1: After the thumbscrew was applied to the cookie monster, he confessed to taking all my cookies.

2: "If you insert your thumb in an orfice then you are thumbscrewing."
by Argonak April 11, 2008
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A way for an inquisitor to have fun.
Hilltop Henry X had four of his wives thumbscrewed for cheating on him. He then put them on the rack. The thumbscrew was Hilltop Henry X's favorite pre torture device.
by Solid Mantis October 07, 2017
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