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Description: fuck 4 cash
Xample: who needs 1???????????
by Anonimous January 28, 2003

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Big Ass Draws. A girl that whenever she bends over, or sits down, you see her Big Ass Draws.
Yo that girl got some rolls, and BAD's to top it off.
Fo'sho. That junk is nasty.
Ha! Damn homey
by Anonimous December 22, 2004

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a fat/chinese racer who is really smart and tries to excel at all personal interest.
that wharhan was so mad when he came in second place out of his team for eating the most cup-of-noodles while racing to the library.
by anonimous October 15, 2003

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some one round and fat
"wow that kid is marble"
"look there's a marble"
by anonimous June 18, 2006

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ribar.tk is an awesome site filled with funny stuff
I'm bored, lets go have some fun browsing www.ribar.tk
by anonimous August 29, 2004

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notorious gangsta, god amongst gods, and he's pretty nifty too. Drew is the man and he kicks ass. keep up the dean things they arent there anymore
drew tottaly kicked this kids ass yesterday at beeing cool
by anonimous August 17, 2004

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