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(n): A term commonly used by authority figures, parents, and teachers to young children meaning something close to 'sassy' or 'short'; having attitude
Young man, don't you get snippy with me!
by AnnabelleAnnabelle September 06, 2007
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Background: Derek
Definition: "someone who gets frustrated and mad easily"
Stop being so snippy
by sexylady February 24, 2005
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Snippy: A word, meaning "sassy", "bitter", or "salty".

Someone who is snippy is usually described as having an attitude or simply just waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

It is shortened to "snip-snip" in some cases.
"Natalie was being so snippy the other day! She needs to calm down!"

"Why are you acting all snip-snip all of a sudden?"
by seyella July 20, 2017
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1.One who is clever and quick witted.

2. A type of comment that is usually followed by a zing! or buurrrrn!
1. That guy is sooo snippy, he could outwit a fox!

2.That was quite a snippy comment Reginald, he won't be able to sit for weeks!
by Arman Tamzarian March 31, 2005
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