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A very common item found in multiple Final Fantasy games. Most of the time, it restores 100 HP. It won't take much playing of any Final Fantasy game before you realize this item is a piece of crap.
Most likely the first item in your inventory to reach 99.
by Angelo November 6, 2004
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Cocaine, Snow, Blow, Sugar Booger, Yayo, White Girl, Coke
You gotta watch them bitches that wanna snort up all your yay.
by Angelo August 24, 2003
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1. The queen of dragons. Is in Golden Sun
2. In Final Fantasy, Tiamat is the wind fiend. Is also the wind fiend in FF9.
3. Bahamut's shadow.
Most of the time Tiamat is a multi-headed pain in the ass.
by Angelo November 6, 2004
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The most powerful GF in FF8 Using Eden is the only way to break the damage limit of 9999 in the game.

Rivals the Knights of the Round when it comes to "longest summon ever".

Actually I think its hell of a lot longer. The only reason you would want to sit and watch the whole damn thing is for boosting its strength.
You really got to sit there and jam on that boost button 250 times in a random frantic manner.
Try not to get screwed over by pressing the button at the wrong time...
by Angelo November 6, 2004
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pimpest dawg in philly... often called the major of the city
yo man you be da illest of them all, you're a sachio!
by Angelo March 30, 2005
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Known as the most powerful and deadliest creature of Final Fantasy 7. Huge and red. Has Large claws that can sink into the ground and appear behind you. Also has an unusually tiny head. Thank god cause that fucker is ugly.

The only way to beat this monster is to have at least almost perfect stats everywhere, and even if you do, he is still nearly impossible unless you have some kind of stragety!
"Ahh that damn ugly ass keeps using Whirlsand!!"
"Fuck you Ruby! You can keep your stinky Desert Rose! I'm gonna get my Gold Chocobo the hard way!"
by Angelo November 6, 2004
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