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Swedish Goth/Rock/Metal Band leaded by Johan Edlund.
Started as Treblinka circa 1989, the name was changed to Tiamat and then the first L.P. 'Sumerian Cry' was realased, following The Astral Sleep and Clouds, in 1994 the band changed they doom metal style for something more atmosferic and Pink Floyd influensed; Wildhoney is the name of their succesful LP, follow up by A Deeper Kind of Slumber in 1997, Skeleton Skeletron 1999, Judas Christ in 2002, and Prey realased in 2003, and their first DVD called Church of Tiamat in 2005.
Omar: Do you know Tiamat?
Franck: Of Course Man! The Greatest Swedish Band
by Astral Insomnia October 31, 2007
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Contrary to the beliefs of some, Tiamat was not slain by Marduk, but the substance that was Tiamat transmogrified into all creation and she was relegated to exist beyond the Ayin Soph Aur behind the Great Gate in the North. The cicadian rhythm of natural cycles teaches us to understand that day follows night and seasons change. How great is the difference in cosmic seasons? Is it like day and night? Or is it like the difference between cold and hot? Is Tiamat a demon? Is Tiamat a dragon? Look to your wife or mother. That is Tiamat, know that and take heed.
It seems that Tiamat appears in some sort of fictional form now and then, and that she's usually a dragon. *shrugs*
by mischa aleksandr April 30, 2006
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1. The queen of dragons. Is in Golden Sun
2. In Final Fantasy, Tiamat is the wind fiend. Is also the wind fiend in FF9.
3. Bahamut's shadow.
Most of the time Tiamat is a multi-headed pain in the ass.
by Angelo November 06, 2004
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1. One who is slayed by Marduk.

2. That feeling you get right before you chunder
Oh wowy, Tiamat, help me, I feel a tiamat coming on.
by Jimmy Tango June 10, 2003
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