grotesque odor; unpleasurable scent
Keep on, Dey gon' find yo' body somewhere stankin'!
by FPC July 8, 2005
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a verb; means for you to be in an awkward, difficult, or undesirable predicament.
Guy 1: yo did you pass that test??? It was for half our grade.
Guy 2: naw man i failed that shit....
Guy 1: DAMN DOG, you stankin! report cards were released today!!!
Guy 2: ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!? damn....
by hadou17 February 26, 2008
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2)u stink or u suck anus.
3)exageration meaning 'really'

~could be used as an insult but most of the time its just to mess around.~
*Originated in South Side Chicago,Il.*
"Yo wat up stankin @$$!"
"u stank boy!"
"im so0o0 stankinly bored!"
by BarbieGrL March 31, 2004
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When you're having anal sex in the back of an early 2000's blue Ford Taurus and you can't get past the ass cheeks.
Elliot, you might wanna stay away from that part of Spencer County. I get a lot of reports of people stankin' bae from that part of town.
by Hugh Mungus Bolner January 3, 2017
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When something or someone stinks really bad.
Originated in Australia
"Man your feet are glen stankins"
by RyanSmith February 1, 2009
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Smells great! Adding "right" turns something bad into something awesome. It's usually preceded by "be" as in "be stankin' right".
Damn! That girl be stankin' right! What kinda cologne is THAT!
by THE FELLAS® January 20, 2021
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