The Maximum amount of hitpoints you can have in a popular amount of games ( Such as Final Fantasy ). Also the maximum amount of damage you or an enemy can take in one turn or hit. Some games offer "Break Damage Limit" to deal well over 9999 hits of damage (Final Fantasy X)
Tidus Deals 9999 Points of Damage to Ultima Weapon

HP 9999 / 9999
by UberRussman July 28, 2006
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The max. amount of damage you can deal in FF6, and it sucks because you know your characters can deal more, but the game is capping you out to keep the Kefka alive.
"Locke swings with atma weapon and illumina--damage-9999"

by magus of stars April 20, 2006
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The most hitpoints and mana points you'll proabably ever have. That is, unless you hax!
Townsperson 1: I have 9999 hp.
Townsperson 2: Me too! We should hook up.
by tehadmin December 29, 2005
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this is the year when the universe just doesn't exist. it just doesn't. nothing exists anymore. even me- +_F_FGdsgogeeo-se-awf-goaw-g_SI)FDGISOGGIoeiw9gsASFMKgskgmi AAAH -not existing anymore-
The year is 9999, and it is the year that YOU SHOULD FUCKING STOP SEARCHING UP THE YEARS
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a fat fuck who does nothing but steal art, post unfunny discord memes and eat like a fucking hippo. This discord user can also ruin every joke it touches like a god damn cancerous little diabetic bitch. if you ever plan on talking to this "person" make sure to hand them a bottle of febreeze and dose yourself with an unhealthy amount of Benadryls to forget the fat shit even exists
- "oh this is my friend ' sage '#9999"
- "' sage '#9999 should go kill herself"
by Likretivot October 30, 2022
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DoTheMost#9999, who exactly is the person? Well let me tell you, he is one great guy to walk this planet. Not only does he have a flourishing type of personality, but he has such a great mental attitude, it makes you inspired. Better known as “Ollie”, he comes off as a smart and wise and one very handsome dude. Everyday in his life that he is living, it’s like heaven on earth but he is the angel. Ollie know what’s best for him and what’s worst for him. Ollie has a type of mental focus for himself that makes him so unique and great for the Earth. Being a leader, not a follower is what best would describe him by “LeGoat”. There is one thing you also need to understand about user DoTheMost#9999 on discord, he has a 9+ incher
Wow! That “DoTheMost#9999” guy is a real cool dude!
by Rare Cult November 16, 2020
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