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noun:Someone who is very weak and is pitiful to look at.
Jamie is a little sesweat;she can't even pick up the ball.
by ange February 22, 2005

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to go crazy out of anger or drunkenness or simply a desire to fool around
Let's go wyle out!
That's wylin'!
by Ange October 01, 2004

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bringing, taking, taking with yu.
old fashioned hazing has escaled to instances of extortion , emotional terorism, and kids toting guns to school
by Ange January 06, 2005

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Ignorance is a two-way street.
Hatred and ignorance go hand-in-hand.
by Ange November 28, 2003

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A small lake in New Hampshire.
The best place to spend your summers
as a child & teenager!
"What are you doing this summer?
I'm spending it at Pine River Pond!"
by ange February 05, 2005

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A Bloody idiot!!! Or a wierd funny odd person.
Claire is a mong chong
by Ange January 16, 2005

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A small town in Indiana. Home of the best university - Taylor University.
A great place to spend 4 years of your life!
"Want to meet for lunch at Ivanhoe's? It's in Upland."
by ange February 03, 2005

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