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to go crazy out of anger or drunkenness or simply a desire to fool around
Let's go wyle out!
That's wylin'!
by Ange October 01, 2004
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1st definition:
an animal sex possition.
mostly used by giraffes and apes.

2nd definition:
a sex toy mostly used by a yalex. it is shaped like an oxe, with horns on top. used for sexual pleasures. has a button on it where you can make it say
a) HMPH!
b) AYE!
1st definition:
Holy crap! did you see that giraffe? "no" well you should have! it was doing the wyle with an ape!

2nd definition:
*someone singing* here comes the sunshine, here comes the shalala la la la- OHHH MY GOD! is that a wyle?! "yes it is" look! press that button! (AYEEEEEEEEEE HEHAWWWWW HMPH!) mom can i have it ?
by alexxxxxxdiiiii April 11, 2008
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