The stoner survival kit.
Black = the pipe
& = the marijuana
Decker = the ignition source (lighter, magnifying glass, etc...)

Also know As: B&D
"you man you got the black & decker for the hike man"
by Radio-Active Vanilla Drink November 18, 2011
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Directions for a running (Doggy Style) move for those people who have a Hair Lip: (Hair Lip - End result of final location in sex of people with 40-40 vision or less)
by Steve Mudd April 23, 2005
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Receiving a blow job from a vacuum cleaner or masturbating with any other household appliance. Performed with the hose function and sometimes even using added attachments, such as the one with bristles to simulate a certain fetish, the Black & Decker blowjob is usually performed experimentally.
She's been gone for a while so I decided to hook up the carpet hugger and give myself a black & decker blowjob.

Well I got bored so after cleanin the drapes I took the house attachment and gave myself a black & decker blowjob.
by Rapture333 May 9, 2010
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A female with braces on her teeth.
I wouldn't let that black & decker pecker wrecker go down on me.
by Guy Reynolds September 6, 2006
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This black hooker I picked up once started to blow me and it killed. I later realized she was a Black & Decker pecker wrecker.
by bhainchode June 25, 2009
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Black and Decker is a sex postion for a girl who dosen't want to take her shirt off. The girl must be wearing a low cut shirt and showing alot of cleavage. Once this is complete the guy takes off all his clothes. He then has the girl sit down while he stands. After this is complete the guy puts his ass in her face and puts his penis into the breast slot provided by the shirt. Once this is done the guy titty fucks the girl up and down like he is using a black and decker drill as the girl gives his ass a rim job.
Spencer tried as hard as he could to give morgan the Black and Decker but failed.

Spencer might be the only one to actually try the Black and Decker on a girl.
by Nick Bongiorno June 12, 2008
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When a woman with braces performs oral sex on a man and mutilates his penis.
Dude, you're walking funny, what's up? my girl has braces, she totally black and deckered me.
by Manuel Noriega April 22, 2005
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