Term used to describe an underaged guy or girl that you would other wise hook up with if not for the damn legal system. 5 to 7 because hooking up could result in 5 to 7 years in prison.
by Bartimus August 02, 2006
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The 9th question of my review sheet idk the answer i wasted my time on making this fuck you

does my math teacher have a crush on Brendan

also Logan you aren't funny please shut up
oh and don't go on a damn witch hunt to search for me thanks
- the 100 step problem that doesn't want your desperate ass im dating 4y + 5 = 6y + 7
by Truck kun December 07, 2020
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The odd rating 5/7 represents a "perfect score".

On december 2015 a Facebook screenshot showing a discussion between "the proud Trump supporter" Brandan Sullivan, who rates the film Fight Club with a 5/7, and a guy called Robert Graves got popular on imgur. Brandan Claims later that Fight Club deserved a "perfect score".

5/7 is now frequently used on Reddit if someone wants to give something a 11/10 rating.
by Groenland December 19, 2015
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0 of the 5 dash substance scale, at the lower end of the spectrum there's word5-5/word and word5-6/word, and higher up is word5-8/word
brennan smoked some 5-7 at the party the other night
by dver October 20, 2003
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on workdays; five days a week
at least YOU get paid while i'm here hanging at school 5/7 and getting paid sand!
by qjqjjqqqj February 19, 2020
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Its a norwegian counting of the word dick, its known as the ringerike vgs term and its all OGH's fault
Den der var 5/7 as
Det var så 5/7
by Afnarqq February 18, 2016
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Young girls, usually in a group, that are always trying to create a new dance step. Usually around ages 12 - 15, they may or may not be involved in a dance program.
They are known by their calls of "5-6-7-8" as they begin each new routine.
My little sister is such a 5-6-7-8 girl!
by BMnkyStar March 15, 2007
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