13 definitions by Aly

Small town mainly populated with old people and old people activities
If your under 50 stay away!
by Aly September 05, 2004
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One who aspires to change the world; a dreamer.
They're trying to pull an Alycin.
by Aly August 08, 2004
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something to be legalized,its green, it smells pretty, and it makes you think....what could it be?
weel lets see an example would be marijuana,weed,bud something like that
by Aly November 22, 2004
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B*best friends
U*unique hottness
N*nice boobs
K*killer ass
i*incredible friend
E*enchanted love
liza is my bunkie and i love her a lot
by Aly March 30, 2005
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Much Family Love, used by juggalos and lettes

Closely related to MCL
Cya lata juggalos n lettes, MFL
by Aly October 07, 2004
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Decribes anything pleasureable you do with your significant other from holding hands to sex. It can also mean a good looking person.
"I got some pie last night!"

"He's some pretty good pie"
by Aly June 10, 2003
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