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A Eastern European criminal who can do fucking do anything. He can spawn helicopters in front of him like Jesus and he loves going Bowling with his cousin Roman. He also cannot die, he just passes out after falling 120,000,000 feet.
Niko! It's your cousin Roman lets go bowling!
by Allah the Great and Powerful March 02, 2017

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A group of well trained thot hunters who keep the world safe from thots. They have a base somewhere in every city where the group captures and interrogate thots to find out information about their leader, Thot Kardashian. The thot patrol will eradicate all thots and restore balance to the world
Mary: Yo how many guys did you sleep with last night
Sharqueeshwajingho: 84
Emperor Tiber Septim: This is the Thot patrol. Mary and Long Black name, you have been found guilty of thotting now face your doom
Both proceed to be vaporized by ETS's eye lasers.

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Spanish word for lettuce dildo
Oh yes stick it in my ass papa lechuga
by Allah the Great and Powerful February 16, 2017

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A mentally retarded faggot whose hair often looks like it was cut by a blind retard. A Zac is often the dumbest person around and his jokes suck so much cock that they make asians cringe. Zac's often blame others for their failings and have very VERY small penises
Zac: Yo wazzup bitch
Girl: Shut the fuck up niggo
Italy bursts in through the door
Italy: Hey don't be upsetti have some spaghetti

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The filthy sand niggers that blow themselves up because they don't have brains, they also fuck camels.
Isis is fucking stupid
by Allah the Great and Powerful March 09, 2017

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The unfocused and confusing language that ghetto black people speak in. Uses words such as: Fo, Ur, Y, Fizzy pop, Nigga, Wheels, Shit man I've been shot in the chest, Dat, Heer, Cap, Ice, other black people words.
Whitey 1: Look at those two imbeciles speaking niggish over there
Darkie 1: Hey o my Nigga did yo heer dat Ben was arrested last night
Darkie 2: Ye Nigga I herd dat he shot sum hooker in the ass
Darkie 3: Ooga Booga
Darkie 1: Shut da fuk up Nigga
Darkie 3 proceeds to shoot himself

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Getting your crest hole beaten internally by hot dogs on a daily basis

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