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Niggish- to be done in a nigger like way.
To put spinners on your grandmas caddy

-Hey that fag took my wallet!
-Well that was niggish.
by WHOOOO HOOO! September 19, 2005
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Something in which a nigger would own or do.
Did you see that Impala with the 40" rims? That's so niggish!

Wtf, stealing and selling your grandma's meds? Man, that's really niggish.
by ThatOneGuyIV October 23, 2008
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The unfocused and confusing language that ghetto black people speak in. Uses words such as: Fo, Ur, Y, Fizzy pop, Nigga, Wheels, Shit man I've been shot in the chest, Dat, Heer, Cap, Ice, other black people words.
Whitey 1: Look at those two imbeciles speaking niggish over there
Darkie 1: Hey o my Nigga did yo heer dat Ben was arrested last night
Darkie 2: Ye Nigga I herd dat he shot sum hooker in the ass
Darkie 3: Ooga Booga
Darkie 1: Shut da fuk up Nigga
Darkie 3 proceeds to shoot himself
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Niggish (adj.)- Of or pertaining to the African- American culture, usually in terms of media, language, fashion, and demeanor.
Yo man those chains be niggish as hell", "Fuck this movie, throw on somethin niggish"
by DJScottyC April 27, 2011
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Feeling more black than you already are
Jaylin: Aye

Leo: Yea
Jaylin: I'm feeling extra niggish today
by Imkindofblack October 02, 2017
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