36 definitions by Alec

when both your parents and the parents of a hot girl say its okay that your parents arent hoem when she comes over for a long time.
Betty is coming over later and no parents will be home. Its so surreal.
by Alec July 14, 2004
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To take part in the recieving of one item.
I began to take one of my Mother's cellular telephones so I could text my cool white guy friend from the siz-outh.
by Alec May 14, 2004
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we're gonna take yo mamma out all night, we're gonna show her what it's all about, we're gonna get her jacked up on some cheap champagne and show her what it's all about!
by Alec August 27, 2004
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to practice, usually a musical insturment. a person does not need to literally be in a shed to 'shed'.
i need to work on my drumming, i'm gonna hit the shed

man you look real tired, looks like you were shedding it all day
by Alec October 17, 2004
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1. Having shit actually in the place where your brain should be. Symptoms for this disease is smelling something extremely bad eery time you breathe.

2. Synonym for George W. Bush
1. The animal had shit for brains thus always smelling like doo doo.

2. George W. Bush is a person who has literally shit for brains and also has many friends who reside in his cabinet such as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld whom also have the disease of having shit for brains.
by Alec November 04, 2004
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An odd species of n00b that displays the following traits...

-Fond of MTV, Good Charlotte, the like.
-Plumage usually black with hot pink mixed in, markings usually in the form of the words "Punk Princess."
-Natural watering hole is a chatroom, where they use their mating call, which sounds like this. "LOL!!!111!Z liek aslz!143e12!!!"

Easiest way to kill them is disembowelment. Don't go for the head, they're like roaches.
"Break out the frags, guys, it's Teeny Bopper season."
by Alec December 10, 2004
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