John: wanna go to the goldy
Stan: fuck yeah I’m keen for a surf
by Suckyanan05 March 17, 2019
She is just the most caring,sweetest and most kindest girl in the universe. She makes me laugh and she makes me happy and she is really beautiful and she is the universes greatest girlfriend
Goldie is the most bestest thing in the universe
by Thomas allen peer September 14, 2019
A golden being or deity from God
The Goldi was clearly showing the likeness of all things beautiful.
by Mary Piper December 21, 2016
Goldie: A fun, loving, outgoing person. Always cheerful and there for you when you need her the most. A "typical" Goldie usually has blonde hair. She changes it often though. She's also well-noted for being spontaneous and random. A Goldie is a good friend that you will never want to lose. She's an amazing person inside and out. She's also a very beautiful woman. To have and know a Goldie is a treasure best kept. Also, she has some bomb ass pussy.
Person 1: Who is that?
Person 2: Oh, its Goldie
Person 1: She's gorgeous, I wish I looked like her
Person 2: I wish that too.
by Wicket_Clown December 12, 2012
Something that really stands out amongst a pack of mediocres. Surburban slang.
by Alex Quantashassle June 25, 2005
a UK drum and bass dj, who is referred to as the godfather of drum and bass. Goldie had a very unstable childhood moving from foster home to foster home which has been a large influence and inspiration in his artwork and music
"rings of saturn" and "timeless" are goldies best albums
by aiofjweoms April 28, 2009
something that's old but good as many things are.
very applicable to such things as music, cars, clothing.
Facebook Status: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Fortune Faded

Oknerazan: mad old but good song

Anot-Huit: a goldie
by antidarkmatter September 29, 2009