36 definitions by Alec

a kirby type smiley were he is hugging
awwwwwwww how cute <(^^)>

note(<(^^)> makes things better)
by Alec February 25, 2005
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A phrase said when one is angry, often when one gets hurt It can be used instead of saying shit
Niggle J. Otter! You stepped on my toe you dumbfuck!
by Alec July 07, 2004
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after u fuck your penis turns purple because u fucked witout a condom
i fucked allie too much and i got purple penis
by Alec February 20, 2004
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In herpetological terms, a pinky is a newborn, (1-7 days old) mouse, usually a staple feeder for smaller colubrids or baby constrictors, or as an occasional treat for bulkier lizards such as blue-tongued skinks. Pinkies are cheap, anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar, and are best fed live, for their movement attracts the animal, and they aren't harmful yet.
"Yeah, I picked up two pinkies for my new blizzard."
by Alec August 03, 2004
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The person above me is a complete idiot, a python does not break its prey's bones, it constricts the prey item, and as the prey breathes in, the python squeezes tighter. The only deadly python in the world is the world's largest snake, the reticulatedpython. The anaconda is NOT the largest snake, butthe heaviest, weighing in at 300-500 pounds. So, in fact, the person who posted above me is a complete idiot who knows NOTHING about reptiles.

Also referring to one of the greatest comedic geniuses in the world, Monty Python.
"Look at that tiger morph ball python, it's awesome."

"The flying circus."
by Alec July 01, 2004
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a word used as an expression of emotion
Stone: uhhhh you havent played yet
Stone: we shall see
Stone: webster thinks your the man
Stone: hes like Phillips #1
Stone: ......jv
Me: doitch!
by Alec April 01, 2003
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