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ICB slang. "mmm <something>" means that <something> is good or desirable. Reminiscent or derivative of Homer Simpson's identical usage.

Contrast with www which is the opposite, mmm turned on its head.
> mmm donuts
> www moldy donuts
by Albin Pahernik March 26, 2004

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To stalk someone using the search engine Google to turn up information about the person that can be found on the Internet.
This guy kept bugging me on one chat channel, asking me to meet him IRL, which totally creeped me out. After he got banned he switched to another channel and started googlestalking me. So he found my LiveJournal!
by Albin Pahernik January 04, 2004

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"Just fucking works". An acronym which refers to software that compiles and/or functions as desired without modification, tweaking, excessive reading of documentation, error message research in a search engine, etc.
I wanted to install qmail the other day, and I was amazed to find that it JFW!
by Albin Pahernik December 01, 2003

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stoned (as you might type it when you're stoned)
when jamie zawinski was writing scrmable.pl, mayeb he was as sonted as i am now. then agian, maybe ont.
by Albin Pahernik March 24, 2004

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Vomiting while kneeling and holding onto the rim of the toilet. So called because it resembles grasping the large horizontal steering wheel of a bus.
Last night after eight beers and an Irish coffee I spent an hour in the bathroom driving the bus.
by Albin Pahernik August 30, 2005

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A tasty food item or other indulgence one wouldn't indulge in every day, arbitrarily reserved for consumption/enjoyment on Friday night.
I got a nice truffle assortment for Valentine's Day which I'm making next week's Friday night treat!
by Albin Pahernik May 01, 2005

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"random fucking bozo"
i have better things to do than give free tech support to some rfb who happens to meet me on the street
by Albin Pahernik September 28, 2004

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