To stalk someone using the search engine Google to turn up information about the person that can be found on the Internet.
This guy kept bugging me on one chat channel, asking me to meet him IRL, which totally creeped me out. After he got banned he switched to another channel and started googlestalking me. So he found my LiveJournal!
by Albin Pahernik January 4, 2004
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verb: to gather as much information as possible about a man/woman you don't really know by doing a variety of searches in Google.
"Dude, I had such a crush on her, I even did a googlestalk on her. It turned out she was on a herpes support message board. Fuck that, man"
by NinaOdell January 17, 2009
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When someone waits for you to log on to instant messaging then immediately pounces with a message..
"Man, that crazy chick in Accounts keeps sending me messages as soon as I log on."
"Dude, you've been GoogleStalked."
by WalterEgo September 4, 2009
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