to freak out or be upset.
The same as tripping.
"Why you bugging man? I told you I'd return your cd's."
by Jeff - Toronto, Canada September 12, 2003
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1. bothering or annoying someone or something.
2. awesome, hott
1. "That fly is bugging me." or "That (insert annoying thing here) is bugging me."
2. "That's totally bugging." Used here when refering to something awesome, hott, etc.
by ashley <3 August 3, 2006
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when on drugs, easily getting paranoid over a certian thing or many
those people staring at us are making me bugg out
by dale August 12, 2003
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to dart about nervously, as if on speed or other amphetamines
by Steve Sciotto February 23, 2003
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When bugs create a new event in a video game, which is not predictable.
Max: When I was playing Police Simulator 2, I ran into a weird bugness
by inshallomander March 28, 2021
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I got tested when I was in the hospital, and they say I got the bug.
by ReadRand January 26, 2007
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Michael:yo let me have a piece

Sean: nigga you bugging I ain’t giving you shit
by Bruhbreh November 20, 2019
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