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Stupid judge on television.

Outright mean, one person who needs a colon cleansing immediately.
Judge Judy's tv program is so horrible that I went to a shrink for help.
by Akit February 29, 2004

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Any person who performs a sexual act on camera.
LorrAINIAC of KSEXradio.com is a porn star because she masturbated, gave and received oral, used a vibrator, and received a drill-do on live net radio. She still denies that she is a porn star.
by Akit March 01, 2004

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Located in the USA, these "board members" and their "president" are basically the mafia and/or terrorists.

They terrorize and cause hell with their own fellow neighbors who agree to be part of their little "shit world."

They threaten them with foreclosure of your own home, they scrutinize you for the littlest things, and they are basicallly dictators.

They also have the power to fine people (for tons of $$ a day) for various things like:
*You can't put a flagpole in your yard (I'm a damn patriot! i represent the USA!).
*You can't put plastic flamingos in your lawn.
*Your fence is one inch too tall.
*You can't paint your house a different color without permission of the board.

Let's compare it to someone familiar in history!!!
Lets think of Hitler. He terrorized and dominated a whole society and murdered and slaughtered tons of Jewish people.

What did we learn today? Kick their ass!

Fuck, at least I live in a place where my city government makes fair policy, and not bullshit policy by assholes.
by Akit April 04, 2004

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A poison used with a needle to reduce wrinkles. Must be done by a cosmetic doctor.
Britney Spears gets botox shots because her smoking makes her pussy look like she had sex 200 times.
by Akit March 01, 2004

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Term used in American Pie movie. Can give users feeling that they reached third base.

Item can be found frequently at your local McDonalds. Their dollar menu has two for one US dollar.
Jim's friend said that third base felt like warm apple pie.
by Akit February 29, 2004

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A certain type of beer that trailer trash people drink.

They frequently drink "Blue Ribbon" beer, or if they are lucky, miller lite.
My trailer friends offered me some trailer park beer; I happily accepted the crappy drink.
by Akit February 29, 2004

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Low-brow television, unscripted material from actual people. People may be suffering or under stress.

Also: most reality TV shows characters contain at least a high majority of white people, one token black person, one token asian person, and one token hispanic person.
Big Brother, Survivor, Joe Millionaire, The Littlest Groom, are examples of reality TV.
by Akit February 29, 2004

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