lowering a community's budget. the reason for all inconveniences in a community, often because there was not enough in the budget to fix it.
Bob:"Why do we have to pay for our napkins at our school cafeteria?" Joe:"Budget cuts, dude. School can't afford shit, so their charging their napkins and other stuff to try and make up for it."
by daman123125 November 5, 2010
polite way of saying "bunch of cunts", particularly suited for use in an office environment
I was having lunch with the finance department today and realised what budget cuts they all are
by yakfat April 23, 2010
A Budget Cut is a is an employee that really serves no purpose and could be eliminated to save money and preserve essential positions. Budget Cuts are often seen playing solitaire and Farmville, taking multiple smoke breaks, and spending most of their time gossiping about people who are actually working. The Budget Cut may provide some services; occaisionally answering a phone, telling others who to call to resolve their issue, monitoring the whereabouts of coworkers, and generally communicating in an overtly rude and annoying manner.
Jane made a mental list of employees arriving late while she took her 7:45am smoke break. Later, she shared the names with her co-worker, Dick, via IM while harvesting her crops on Farmville. Jane is a Budget Cut waiting to happen.
by Supernance November 13, 2009
"budget cut schools" which the bathrooms are disgusting. Weird, undescribable things happen. Everyone complains about what the hell goes on in there but the culprit is never found. Tends to always smell vulgar. Incidents include: used tampons and pads strewn across the floor, poop not in the toilet, inspiring quotes written on toilet paper with mean remarks next to it, toilet paper EVERYWHERE, broken locks, leaking toilets, clogged toilets, no soap, pubes on toilet seats, urinals have poop, and period blood written on mirrors. These bathrooms largely exist in the Southern California area.
"Dude I had to go to bathroom so badly but I decided I wouldnt because the stall was a budget cut bathroom straight out of a Jackass Movie."

I'm pretty sure the entire school is sick because no one can wash there hands in the budget cut bathrooms.

I would only switch from El Toro to a private school because at least they have seat covers!
by ilikerunnin1600 March 15, 2011
Noun: A moment when a movie uses lazy tactics like using the same clips over and over again, using the original voices for grunts for foreign instead of replacing it with the voices for the other dubs, using an inapprapriate setting for something else (Trying to make a garage or some cheap place look like a high-tech lab), etc just because there's not enough money or to save money or keep the extra for the filmmakers.
Movie Reviewer: AND LOOK AT THIS!!! They used the same exact clip again! Everyone?
All together: BUDGET CUT MOMENT!!!!
by Dante Legira July 9, 2009
When you just don’t have as much cheddar as you used to.
Q: Sorry James, but some bureaucratic nonsense has forced MI6 to experience a severe drop in funding. In light of these budget cuts, I must regret to inform you that Q Branch can no longer afford to maintain your Aston Martin and other such gadgets. But worry not, I have something for you that in the right hands is both versatile and deadly. This, James, is called a rubber band. Bond: I think I’ll just mount Moneypenny instead.
by vfuzz March 9, 2019
A hair cut/hair line that's so bad it looks like they did it themselves
by [Markus] January 7, 2017