Julia: Don’t talk to John he’s a skinner
by Ghanayana January 8, 2020
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A derogatory term used by prison inmates used for a convicted and incarcerated pedophile. Surprisingly, 'Skinners' are very reviled by prison inmates and are often segregated from the rest of the prison community to protect them from other prisoners.
"Inmate #190203 ain't nothing but a scumbag skinner. He raped a little 6 year old boy in Alabama. If I ever get my hands on that skinner I'm gonna kill him"
by Atomic Mutant January 8, 2009
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A word used predominately in Canada by dumbass male teenagers ages 14-17 who are too ignorant to realize that a skinner is prison slang for a child rapist.
student 1- omg look at that fag josh.
Student 2- God hes such a fucking skinner.
Student 3- Wow, you guys are idiots. Try coming up with something a little more original and maybe people will respect you more.

(student 3 leaves)

Student 2- I can't believe he's taking his side.
Student 1- I kno, what a skinner ~kss~kss~
by hotbuns212 June 10, 2010
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A Skinner is someone who has a foreskin, or has not been circumcised. To call someone a "Skinner" is incredibly offensive. The word "skinna" is an affectionate abbreviation of the derogatory term.
John: you're a damn Skinner
James: piss off...Skinna Power!!!
by 123JoeyG456 October 14, 2019
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Someone who hasn't hit puberty at an age where they should have. This is only visible in the male gender.

The word skinner is derived from the english word skin. This is because a skinner usually lacks hair in certain places, showing more skin than necessary.
Any male over the age of 13 with a high voice is a skinner.
by notaskinner April 17, 2011
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Skinner has many meanings however this one is underrated
Skinner: a white skinned or light skinned person
Friend 1: ayo that Skinner, is actually Mexican.
Friend 2: really? Man I need to know more about these people.
by SkinnerBoi_69 June 22, 2021
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