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When an obese woman breaks wind and detonates her panties into confetti.
The sudden blast from her ass woke Andrea up and she was astonished at all the purple confetti in her bed until she realized it was the aftermath of a Panty Bomb.
by Aeryck November 04, 2004
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The mass of feces in the toilet that is not quite solid, nor is it completely loose. Generally created by squatting on the toilet bowl and cutting loose with sounds and substance until completion. When you look into the bowl and see the mass of feces, you have got yourself a Squat Patty.
Frank went into the restroom and after about 45 minutes of sitting on the toilet grunting, was proud of the Squat Patty he left behind.
by Aeryck October 24, 2004
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The small breasts of a pubescent girl.
Dianna thought she would get Aléjandro and Tony's attention by flashing her Booblettes at them, but to no avail...they went to the movies without her.
by Aeryck November 05, 2004
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The feces that surprisingly pinches out into one's underwear when a fart was expected.
Ed was sitting in the movie theater when he thought he would squeeze one out and blame his friend Frank, but to his surprise a Fudge Biscuit emerged.
by Aeryck November 04, 2004
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The supple breasts of a female under the age of 18, however they are not to be confused with Booblettes which are much smaller.
Hannah thought she would blow her friends away, so she put up pictures of her Boobles on her MySpace page.
by Aeryck June 07, 2006
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A slang word used in the South for the vagina of prepubescent girls.
Uncle Lloyd yelled into the bathroom where his young neice was taking a bath "Jessica, don't forget to wash your Tootie Fish!"
by Aeryck October 23, 2004
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A gaggle of teenaged girls that roam a mall looking for teenaged boys they can get to spend all their hard earned money on them by purchasing mallfood and trinkets under the disillusion of possible pussy access, to then abandon them when the mall closes without a penny, and no pussy access.
David and Ronny blew all the money they made cleaning yards at the senior citizen trailer park on these Cuntaloids at the mall, and did not even have the money to catch the city bus to go home and masterbate.
by Aeryck October 23, 2004
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