1. (Falling.) "Fallin" in love; "Fallin" for a girl/guy; Well on your way to falling in complete and total love with someone.

2. The highest form of the slang word "trippin'."
1. "I think I'm fallin for you, girl." ♥

2. Alexa: "Look at that girl stressin out over there! She is trippin!"

Gabby: "Oh, she's not trippin, she is FALLin."
by allisonbabii1 February 28, 2010
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"That DJ is fallin' in on that beat man!"
"Yeah, it sounds dope!"
by benn wilin' March 18, 2016
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A domineering, macabre sex act taking place over an extended period of time that causes the victim to suffer excruciating physical, mental, and emotional anguish, leaving an empty shell of a human filled with misery, blood, and fecal matter. Before you start the MF, it's important that you are truly at peace with causing the utter ruination of a person/group of peoples through systematic oppression, negligence, and mind fucking. Choose your victim(s) based on deeply held prejudices. Examples would be poor black children of single mothers, or transgender teens in the public school system. Get creative! Let's say you choose bi-sexual, 2nd generation latino immigrant single mothers with diabetes. Now it's time to bind, gag, disembowel, choke, sever, and fuck the life out of your victims, metaphorically speaking, until they are void of all hope. When they ask for mercy, look them deep in the eyes to the innermost part of their being. Gently caress their head, sweetly, as if to make love for the first time. As the corners of their mouth start to crease into one last hopeful smile, flip them over and curb stomp them. As blood is pouring out of their mouth, shove a corn stalk in their ass, a corn stalk purchased with the last few dollars from their EBT card. Collect their blood, shit, and tears in a cup and offer your dying victim a drink. As their brain begins to bleed and they choke on their own fecal matter, assure them that their children will suffer the same fate.
"Did you hear what happened to Ryan? He totally got Mary Fallin'd for the last 6 years. Poor guy didn't even see it coming. I heard his asshole will never be the same."

"I'm going to pull a Mary Fallin on this group of disabled Iraq veterans."

"The longest Mary Fallin ever recorded lasted over 6 years and targeted 3.8 million people of a variety of demographics."
by Dalionking May 3, 2016
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to let go and enjoy the ride

when one puts the best that they've got out and reaps the rewards

to jump out of a perfectly good airplane
The letter came in the mail and changed her life forever. She's definitely free fallin now
by morphologicalfreedom September 27, 2013
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When an old man gives it to you so good that you reach a massive orgasm.
Oh my gosh Stacy! I hung out with your grandpa last night and he had me viagra fallin!
by Chicharron & Cici April 12, 2016
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in love with someone..wont do anything to hurt them
Could it be that im lost, gettin soft, or just fallin love...Am i fallin in love oh noo
by PSJ_PLAYA December 28, 2004
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