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can be used to describe something when you can't think of another word. it can be but is not limited to substituting the word cum.
Go shmeg urself
I think i misplaced my shmeg
by PHREAKKKKKK September 18, 2005
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to shmeg (verb)
from the root word shmegli
1. the act of rejecting a compliment persistently

2. being inappropriately drunk and asking anyone in your vicinity to touch your genitalia

3. blacking out and trying to take off another man's pants
4. pleasuring oneself in a laundry room
Eli was totally shmegging last night
by M4L February 19, 2012
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the little peices of weed at the bottom of a bag that are too small to do anything with.
"do you wanna smoke a bowl?" "sorry man, all i have left is some shmegs"
by Adam January 21, 2004
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1. It has become a common term is the USA for calling someone a Numpty (minus the endearing portion of the insult). It's come to mean all of the above lazy, idiot, carefree fool, with a dash of schmuck.

2. It has also started to be used more and more to mean someone who is happy to be ignorant. It's sort of a blend of sheeple and schmucks.
1. That guy was such a total shmeg he took up two parking spaces with his little scooter.

2. Those shmegs in the US actually went out and voted for Bush for a second term.
by rayfordz January 07, 2010
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secretion of the male reproductive organ, a slang for semen; also known as cum.
when billy masterbates, he gets shmeg all over the place.
by andrew February 15, 2005
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Shmeg - a mixture of rotting/decaying vegetable wastes left behind on either a disply sign, or the racks on which food is kept in the produce department of supermarket store.

Believed to have been first used by Kent; the asshole owner of true value foods on quadra island.
"Hey _____(insert name), if you could clean up that shmeg from the sign that would be stellar"

"This prep counter is covered in schmeg, make sure you wipe it off before you leave today and you'll be stylin."
by Birnie January 23, 2008
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