A day raping shift worked at any job
i had to work 2-10 on Saturday, i have no life
by RustyT March 28, 2004
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Blueballs. In pool, the 2 and 10 are the blue balls.
We were making out last night, but all I got was the ol' 2-10.
by Em-Tee April 14, 2006
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The second letter of the alphabet, the 10th letter of the alphabet... if you are unfamiliar with that, here's the alphabet, with the second and tenth letters capitalized...

a B c d e f g h i J k l m o p q r s t u v w x y z.

If you are still that daft, try this:

B. J.

or Blow Job.
<Girl> Oooh baby! How about a 2-10?
<Camel_Kid> Fuck yeah!
by Camel_Kid October 12, 2004
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2/10 : used by those who smoke n turn the pipe left to rite??
What’s up yo let’s go n do 2/10
by k187c August 16, 2019
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An abbreviated version of the meme "2/10 Would Not Bang" which is giving a picture of an extremely attractive woman a 2 out of 10 for minor flaws. It is meant to be a joke and even a compliment that the person is so attractive, giving her a 2/10 is obviously not a serious rating.
(Picture of a very attractive girl on Facebook)

Comment: 2/10

Girl: Aww thanks!
by RadPitt July 20, 2013
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1. (Adj) Term Coined by the US Military Servicemen decribing any person who is unattractive stateside, becomes attrative during deployment overseas, due to the law of scarcity, and returns to being grossly unattractive upon return from deployment.

similar to the 10@2 rule, but for a longer duration.

2. (n.) any person who can can be sescribed as a 2-10-2:

2 at home
10 in the desert
2 when they get back
(1)soldier1: dude, stacy looks so hot!
soldier 2: i don't know dude; 2-10-2.

(2)marine: man, i'm so desperate that i could hit a 2-10-2.
by TforTorment February 27, 2008
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2-10-2 (or 2/10/2) is U.S. Navy slang for a female who is unattractive, but then becomes "attractive" when she joins the Navy. Women in the U.S. Navy (and the other branches of the U.S. military) generally get more attention than on land, because of the number of males to females.
"She was a 2 before going out to sea, a 10 out at sea, then back to a 2 when she returned."
"She's a real 2-10-2"
by Hamaad Iqbal April 7, 2018
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