A girl who has both beauty and brains. She is very intelligent, incredibly attractive, and the "perfect girlfriend." She is funny, creative, a little nerdy, and extremely talented.
That girl over there has all of the qualities an Atara should have.
by William Marr February 9, 2013
Atara is literally a MODEL and is a stunning girl. Although, she might struggle with her appearance she is a strong and brave girl with lots of courage.

Atara also gets bullied a lot but still loves herself. Atara also has so many boys inlove with her.
Boy 1: Atara’s so pretty!
Boy 2: I know right!
by helloprincess/prince December 12, 2020
The act of taking advantage of your best friend's girlfriend when she is highly intoxicated and he is passed out drunk. Also, this could involve two or more people "passing her around"
Dude, me and Britton totally pulled Atara last night when Beav was passed out drunk.
by Adam February 21, 2005
atara schwabs are gods. NOT even lying also know as creators, deity, almighty, amaze balls, brilliant, radical, amazing and... lover of brie cheese
I love Brie cheese!!!
oh wow you silly little atara schwab