ship name between rory gilmore and jess mariano from 'gilmore girls'. the actual definition of literati refers to those cultured and interested in literature. both rory and jess are big readers and it's something they often bond over.

literati is arguebly the best ship in the series and the most mistreated one as well. crazy chemistry. cheating trope. "i hate everyone in the world but you" trope. they deserved to be endgame and i will die on this hill.
do you ship literati?
of course i do! they're the cutest and are superior to rogan
by yeonjun's girlfriend May 19, 2021
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Literati is the name for the ship of Jess Mariano/Rory Gilmore Gilmore Girls. The most common definiton of literati is:

Pronouciation: li-t&-'rä-(")tE
Function: noun plural
Etymology: obsolete Italian litterati, from Latin, plural of litteratus

1. the educated class
2. persons interested in literature or the arts

by Lost Ranger June 13, 2007
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Fear of dying before finishing all the books on your books to be read list
My friend explained my sleepless nights are caused by Pre-Morti-Literati, which is the fear of dying before you've read all the books on your "to be read" list
by Joanne Christenson June 15, 2013
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