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Male in a group who is least likely to take the initiative and lead, due to a lack of esteem, ability or interest.

Antonym of "alpha male".
"I'm going to break routine and lead this project. I'm tired of being the 'omega male'".
by AbnormalBoy September 19, 2005
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Phrase you can use when leaving a message on the answering machine of a very political friend or relative.
On answering machine:

"Hi, I'm your son and I approve this message. I'd be happy to dog-sit while you're away for the week. By the way, I mailed in my ballot...so stop nagging me to vote."
by AbnormalBoy November 01, 2004
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Disaster on a horrific scale.
"A nuclear holocaust could wipe out 95% of our population."
by AbnormalBoy May 27, 2004
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