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Warm spell in autumn.

"Indian" meant "false" by racist colonialists.

See Indian giver.
Thanks to the Indian summer, I'll be playing softball with my family on Thanksgiving.
by AbnormalBoy May 24, 2004
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Tall and handsome blond-haired, blue-eyed man.
"Check out Hitler's wet dream over there and the Italian Stallion standing next to him."
by AbnormalBoy May 17, 2004
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Someone who gives a gift and asks for it to be returned.

Based on the observation by European colonialists that native Americans would, by tradition, give a gift as a signal for something more significant in return. Interpreted negatively, leading the word "Indian" to mean false (e.g. Indian summer).
Girl in foyer: You gave me the necklace and now you want it back? You Indian giver!

Guy on porch: You know, the origin of the word "Indian giver" comes from ...

*Door slams*
by AbnormalBoy May 24, 2004
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1) Individual who is perpetually dependent on government aid so that he/she and his/her family survive.

2) Corporation that is perpetually dependent on government incentives/subsidies to survive.
1) She gets free treatment from the state for drug addiction and has had seven children…all when on welfare? What a welfare queen!

2) Boeing is receiving the bulk of a $3.2 Billion dollar package of tax breaks just so 800 workers are hired in Washington State instead of some other state? What a welfare queen!
by AbnormalBoy April 23, 2004
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A font that has actually stirred some controversy:

* Open a Microsoft Word document.
* Type "NYC" (use capital letters).
* Change the text to 72 point WEBdings.
* Now change the text to wingdings.

There is another "conspiracy".
Supposedly, the serial number (or whatever) of one of the September 11th airplanes was "Q33NY". Try that in 72 point wingdings (be sure to use capital letters).
Oh my God! Wingdings is prophetic!
by AbnormalBoy October 01, 2004
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Term used to emphasize one's indifference on the presupposition of interest, especially when "through a rolling doughnut".
"You think we want to hear your opinion? Nobody gives a flying fuck through a rolling doughnut what you think, Ted!"
by AbnormalBoy March 30, 2004
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1) Person who choses easy tasks over challenging ones.

2) Man who seduces young virgins.
1) "You chose to update the booklets rather than take on the big Hong Kong project? You are such a cherry picker!"

2) "You're dating another Freshman English major? You are such a cherry picker!"
by AbnormalBoy April 16, 2004
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