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sure is a word described as certian, or positive
if somebody askes you if your hungry, and you are, say "sure" and if they ask is that a yes or a no, say "you fucking dumbass its means yes so dont fucking ever ask me what it means again.....bitch!!"
by andrew March 02, 2005
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one who is very smart, handsome, dashing, great, powerful. Knows everything and is supreme. Cannot be beated in anything by anyone.
hey only one in millions and millions is azim
by andrew February 18, 2004
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Someone who earns only enough at their job to pay basic expenses.

Sometimes refered to as 'working poor'.
"Retirement savings?! I'm a wage slave. I make $5 an hour."
by Andrew July 02, 2004
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anyone who is muscular and can shoot the 3
Matt Yuros is the yurest person i know
by Andrew April 14, 2005
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Australia: Unemployment benefits from the government. Known in the US as "welfare".

Also see "dole bludger".
Just heading down to the Centrelink to put in my dole form.

I don't have any money until dole day.
by Andrew May 13, 2004
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1. n. A high pitched sound that can make almost anyones day.
Hey You, Guess what?
You made my day.
by Andrew February 10, 2005
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To trick ones self into believing that by actually going over your "school" notes it will infact help you in the long term, but instead you just look at all the dumb shit your mates have written on the back of your text book.
me: mum im gonna do some study!
mum: whatever just be back by next week!
by Andrew September 14, 2003
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